Hi there and welcome to my website! My name is Ryley Kennedy and I’m an aspiring romance novelist, a Food Network fan, a casual chef, a lover of Disneyland and frequent trips to the spa. In my “real” life, I run my own marketing company, go on weekly date nights with my husband of 20+ years and love to read.

This website is a gonna be an odd hodge-podge of stuff for now: a little bit lifestyle blog, with recipes and recommendations, book reviews, and maybe even the random scene posting or creative writing effort thrown in. Since no one is visiting my site anyway, I’m going to use this time to freely explore what it is I want to talk about and share with the world before any one actually notices and passes judgement!

Latest from the Blog

Pate Sucree


  A traditional pate sucree is a basic sweet dough. But Sebastien is relentless in his pursuit of more flavor and a more refined technique, so he uses powdered sugar rather than granulated or superfine, because it blends into... Read More

Lemon Meringue Tarts


  I love individual desserts, whether they are cupcakes or cookies or these little lemon tarts, because I love having my very own. This dessert is all about contrasts in tastes and texture: the tartness of the creamy filling,... Read More

Spring Chopped Salad


I'm sure that despite your best intentions, you've had evenings like this: You're hungry. It's time to cook dinner. Maybe you've got burgers or chicken on the grill, and you reach into the fridge for salad fixings to find...... Read More