Sundara’s Roasted Beet Salad

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Sundara's Roasted Beet Salad with Herb Goat Cheese


For the Goat Cheese Log:

  • 11 oz goat cheese log
  • 2 oz cream cheese
  • 4 tsp fresh chives chopped
  • 4 tsp fresh basil chopped
  • 4 tsp fresh parsley chopped
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

For the Salad:

  • 2 large roasted beets peeled and sliced into ¼-inch thick slices
  • 1 herb goat cheese log sliced into ¼-inch slices
  • drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar Reduction
  • 1 tbsp pine notes for garnis
  • kosher salt
  • freshly ground black pepper


Prepare the Goat Cheese Log:

  • Place goat cheese and cream cheese in a mixing bowl. Fold the cheeses together by hand.
  • Add herbs, salt, and pepper, and continue to fold together until well mixed.
  • Roll the cheese between your palms to form a cylinder. Wrap tightly with clear plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours prior to serving.

Assemble the Salad:

  • Prepare the roasted beets, then peel and slice the beets ¼-inch in thickness.
  • Shingle a beet slice and alternate with a goat cheese slice.
  • When you are done shingling the beets and goat cheese, drizzle balsamic reduction over the salad and garnish with toasted pine nuts and salt and pepper.


From Energize Your Soul: Wellness Cuisine for All Seasons by Sundara (pages 77 and 86).

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